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Published By, KAYDEN PHAN


After a week of exploring this busy city, I've come up with a list that is mostly free without feeling like you're  on a budget. 


- WEST LONDON: The West London Walking Tour was the first walking tour I have done and I was pleasantly surprised. The guide had a plethora of information about the local history while keeping it fun and relatable with modern jokes.

-HARRY POTTER: There was a free Harry Potter walking tour that started in Leicester Square and wandered all around London. Our guide took us around to different spots that J.K. Rowling pulled inspiration from and different scenes where the movie was filmed. All in all, I thought it was a quality tour. Your guide is encouraged to interact and do a better job because the only way they make money is off tips. It's nice because you pay what you think the tour it's worth to you.



London is home to a variety of free museums and tours. As for the museums that aren't free but you still want to check out, go directly to their website or call them. Often times museums have a day where admission is lower between certain hours. Its kinda of like a matinee movie ticket. Its a time slot that's in less demand but it's a win win for both you and the museum. You still get to check out the place while spending less and they get to make money during a time that they otherwise wouldn't have.


     - Victoria and Albert Museum


     - British Museum 


     - Natural History Museum


     - National Portrait Gallery 



It has cute shops, food booths and unique charm. It can seem like a maze like but make sure you check out all levels. Theres also a little water way where you can walk along. My friends and I did this walk at night and made for a cool night walk. It was a little sketchy at first but I think I was being overly cautious considering I didn't know the city or area well. 



This was a nice mix between a farmers market and camden town. the food booths had good cultural diversity spanning from thai, mexican, etheopian, colombian coffee and what I loved best was there were many choices for vegans!!



It's a huge park with lots of animals! I loved seeing all the dog owners walking their dogs. There was no shortage of squirrels and the swans gave the park an extra touch of awesome. It's also a great location to check out other sights near by. 



This park had a slightly more upscale feel with all the water fountains, perfectly cut trees and beautiful flower beds. Its a park you should visit if you're in the area.



Graffiti art, skating areas, restaurants, and views of major landmarks line the river which make for a nice walk around London.

8. The shard:

The Shard is a 95-storey skyscraper and commonly referred to as a shard of glass. I was able to go up to the restaurant area for free and get incredible views of the city. We even went back a different evening for a few cocktails and the view was even more amazing at night.


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