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What To Look For In A Hostel

(WOMBAT CITY HOSTEL: This is a hostel in London I've stayed at and recommend if you can get a good nightly rate)

Traveling is obviously a huge part of my life, therefore; it is important that I am well-rested and have all of my needs and major comforts met so that I can experience the place I am in to the fullest. Through trial and error I have narrowed down my must have hostel/accommodation essentials and the things that I generally prefer when looking for a hostel.


I find that I can often still have luxuries when traveling even if I am not spending heaps of money per night. The maximum I will usually pay for a hostel is 40 USD per night although I prefer to spend within the 10- 25 USD per night price range. It might take a little bit of searching but I can usually find a hostel or Airbnb that meets all of my below requirements. Keep in mind there are hostels under 10 USD but you may have to sacrifice an amenity or two.

2. Ratings and Reviews:

I defiantly take ratings and reviews into consideration because I like to learn from previous mishaps. I've found that if the accommodation constantly has bad reviews but is cheap it probably isn't worth staying at.


Running this travel blog is also a huge part of my life and in order to keep it up and running, it takes connection. Not to mention wifi is important in planning excursions, staying in touch with family and friends and making connections with new friends.


Having a good kitchen that comes equipped with all of the pots, pans and cook ware that you need to cook nutritious meals is super important. I don't want to lug around cook ware and cutlery because who's got room for that shit? Plus cooking your meals cuts costs and creates a good social environment between you and your hostel mates. Below is a continued list of above but includes thing I like but are not a deal breaker if the accommodation doesn't have those amenities.

5. FREE BREAKFAST/COFFEE: I have stayed at some wonderful hostels where they offer free coffee. It makes my mornings and work space so much better. The point is to keep the travel fund from getting depleted so if the hostel provides breakfast thats a win for me! Plus it saves time on going out searching for breakfast.

6. WASHE/DRYER: I don't consider this unless I am getting close to having to do a load of laundry. If I do need to do laundry, it's so convenient to be able to do it where I'm staying as opposed to hunting down a spot and lugging all of my laundry to a different location.

Of course these are just personal preferences although I do find that they enhance my hostel stay and make life a bit easier and more convenient.

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