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My Top FREE Travel Apps

There are tons of travel apps on the market now so it’s hard to know which ones are useful and which ones are a load of junk. Below is a list of my tops tried and tested apps that I don’t travel without and best of all, they don’t cost a thing.


This app has been guiding me everywhere. Remember you'll have to download the city you'll be in while you have wifi but after that you're good to go with no need for internet connection, you can use anywhere and everywhere. It’s more eco friendly than paper maps and is beyond convenient.


Keep track of your travels with photos, notes and tips of where you've been so you can let your travel mates follow you to use your helpful tips and vise versa. (This is one of my favorite apps)


This app is similar to so just decide which one you like better. You can plan trips, share with friends, it works offline, worldwide coverage, in-depth content, detailed maps, search and discover and you can backup and sync.


I find the cheapest prices for hostels on here and I love that I can filter out all the accommodations available that don't fit my criteria.


This is a super popular app amongst travelers and is a great reference to use to book your next stay. You can book a bed or private room, filter listings and there are no booking fees!


You can meet travelers without traveling or you can have friends all over the world. It's a great app to meet up with other travelers or find trip/rideshares


You can book rooms, share homes with a host, or list your own place. This app has intuitive filters and is another alternative in finding accommodations. Having the app on your phone is a great way to stay in contact with your host if you're in the go.


It's the best way to communicate with loved ones back home and keep in touch with all of the new friends you make on your trip. If you haven’t heard of whatsapp you are probably living under a rock. You can group text, call, leave voice notes and send pics. If I’m in a place with abundant wifi, I won’t pay for a SIM card and will keep in contact on whatsapp when I have wifi.


You can download an offline translation and it will translate menus by holding your phone over the page! This app can be a lifesaver, when my car broke down in a river, the most amazing Russian couple came to the rescue and although we didn’t speak each others languages, they were able to help me out by using google translate.


is my go to website and app when it comes to booking flights. You can type in “everywhere” in the destination box and view the cheapest prices for all around the world. If you know your destination ahead of time and are flexible on the dates, you can view prices by month and see which day will be the cheapest. I turn off the location settings because in my experience, the computer’s algorithms will keep track of where you want to go and it can jack up the price and by doing this, you’ll ahead of the game.


This app lets you download magazines for free that you don’t need internet to read. The magazines only last for 24 hours so I just download them when I am at the gate waiting to board and I have entertainment without having to fork out any cash.

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