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This is a company that operates out of Rome, Barcelona, Florence, and Prauge so if you're trying to see any of these places and don't mind woking while away, this may be for you! Become an intern and work abroad. I woke up to a new hostel mate that's a tour guide for Bus2alps that told me he finds people who would like to go on local tours via social media, creates daily itineraries for his groups and takes them to the major land marks. Many people work day to day wishing they can travel, well this is pretty much like going to work except you're exploring amazing place you've always dreamed of and getting paid for it! Take into consideration these are usually a minimum of 3 month work periods so you will most likely will need a visa depending on where you're traveling from. The company covers your transportation and accommodation between countries which alone puts a huge chunk of money back in your pocket! However there is a slight catch, if you're coming from a far country, the company may not cover your flight to and from your start and end cities, but even if this is your case it shouldn't be a huge deal if you look at all the other positives. He said all his breakfasts are free at every hostel they stay at a long with some pretty swanky 6 course meals from restaurants in places such as the Amalfi Coast and Florence. A few other additional perks they get are free club admission for certain clubs in Barcelona and hand full of local pubs in the other cities. If you're seeking to travel and don't have heaps of money this may be a good option for you. Also the up side to interning is you'll meet plenty of new people, see new places in a safe environment and you'll learn the history of the cities not to mention you'll be able to add this job to you're resumes for additional work aways. Think about it, a 3 month internship isn't too long or too short; it's kinda the prefect amount of time to feed your travel appetite while saving money! After your contract is finished you may have an option to renew or move on to your next travel destination. What are you waiting for... Check it out for yourself.

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