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House Sit For Free Accommodation

Let me start off by telling you is not free. However, it can more than pay for itself if you work it right. Heck, your first house sit could be a night or two but the cost of paying for other accommodation will have covered the start up fee and you'll be able to look for your next exotic destination to travel! I think this is a great way for anyone to see the world! Its a win win, you're helping the home owner keep their house the way they like and you get free accommodation! Most house sits require some type of pet care from walking their animals, feeding and playing with them to getting the mail, watering plants and bringing in delivered packages. How easy is that in exchange for a free cozy roof over your head?!? is a great way to score your next home away from home where you otherwise would be paying loads of money for.

Lets get started, First you need to create a bomb profile that make you stand out from the average house sitters out there. These homes are in high demand so you want to make sure you stand out! Adding profile photos are a must! Everyone likes to put a face to the name and know who they're corresponding with. Photos showing your cleanliness and personality are key. You also should add photos of you pets if you have any to show your love for animals since you'll most likely be caring for your homeowners pets. Add any references or housesitting experience you have. The more the better. References show you're a trusted and responsible house sitter! So now that you've created your profile, the key is to respond to as many house sits that appeal to you. The more you apply the better chance you'll have at scoring one. A good tip is stay in contact with your homeowner, skype or facetime them so you're both comfortable with each other and there you have it, you first house sit!

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