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Communicate. Be In The Moment, The Here, The Now

Be In The Moment, The Here, The Now

Published By, KAYDEN PHAN

Communication is important while traveling. Learn what you need and learn how to ask for it. Of course you can google it yourself but what happens when you don't have wifi? There are plenty of recourses and plenty of people who are willing to help or point you in the right direction. Have a friendly approach and you'll most likely receive a positive response and be guided where you need. Speaking to people while you travel is key, there have been countless times I spark up a quick conversation by asking for advise and by chatting with them I gain local knowledge or learn a tip on what to do better on an excursion they just came back from. Part of traveling is sharing with each other.

Here's another simple tip that can be a huge score for you! Often times we are on our cell phones or mobile devices which take us away from being in the moment. I understand times have changed and I've been guilty of it too. We do everything from work, play and even date from or phones these days. These few moments of sitting in a waiting room, standing in an elevator or in line at the coffee shop can be crucial. These small interactions with people are decreasing but so valuable for social skills and help build confidence. Remember it's a important to be present. Have you ever spoke to someone and then they look at their phone in front of you. It's sending off a non verbal message that something else is on their mind instead of you so train yourself to put your devices down and be in the moment. Give the people that you are speaking to your undivided attention. Also if you're happy you'll give off good vibes which you'll probably receive in return and vise versa, if you're grumpy you most likely encounter people that are put off by those vibes and are less inclined to help you. Just think of it like the law of attraction.

I can remember this one time when I was in a bagel shop and because I wasn't on my phone I was more approachable and more receptive to the people and things around me. I engaged in conversation with the person next to me and we're still friends today. We even took a road trip together a couple months later but without me putting my phone down that might of never happened.

This can be a good tip to remember especially when it comes to building stronger connections while you travel. I remember reading somewhere that there was a study done on some elderly people and the happiest ones were the ones that had spent time building stronger connections with people in their earlier years. When you're old the job tile you had and the money you made won't be as important as the people you create bonds with. You can meet anyone anywhere at any time. Put down your devices and detox a bit, especially at a dinner table. I have this certain group of friends I go out with and we'll all put our phones face down in the center of the table and whoever reaches for it first has to pay the tab. Just a fun thing we do to remind us of be here in the now.

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