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Belize: Tilt Ta Dock Resort

Corozal, Belize

Tilt Ta Dock Resort

Published By, KAYDEN PHAN

This was a great way to end my trip in Belize! I explored all over this country and was ready for a some relaxation! These cute little cottages were perfect place to unwind. I especially loved that the owner built them himself! You could tell that this is his pride and joy and it really showed in the details. His craftsmanship was on point! Him and his wife are the sweetest couple and so accommodating! They gave us bikes to ride, kayaks to go out on the water and best thing of all we had so much privacy since we were the only ones there!! Our cottage was equipped a queen side bed, TV, AC, bathroom, a full kitchen with pots, pans, utensils, coffee maker etc. I would describe it as cute and cozy.

I had a sweet tooth and asked for bakery shop referrals, both owners were knowledgable and helpful! We road the bikes through town and were surprised with a plate of homemade cookies when we returned! Those are the type of things I look for in a resort when I think of places I'd like to revisit.

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