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Around the World Ticket. Worth it or Worthless?

An around the world ticket it basically what it sounds like. It's a ticket that you purchase before your travels and you can go to all of your destinations for a discounted rate.

If you are taking a large trip and you know all of your destinations, an around the world ticket is probably for you. The ticket itself is pretty expensive and the details vary per airline but generally, the ticket is really only a good deal if you are traveling for at least 6 months. Any less and it ends up not really saving you any money. Although, you can save heaps if you are doing an extended wold tour.

Let me break it down for you:

Around the World Ticket is the best choice if you:

-Know your route and don't plan on changing it

-Plan on traveling in one direction across the globe (around the world tickets don't let you backtrack without paying a fee)

-If you plan on traveling for a long time with only a few flights involved (the more stops, the more expensive)

-Don't mind spending a little bit extra for someone to book all of your flights for you

-Want to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible

One Way Ticket is the best choice if you:

-Want flexibility in your schedule

-Plan on going back and forth between different parts of the globe

-Don't mind traveling for longer period of time if it means saving money

-If you plan on traveling for a long time with lots of stops involved

-Would like to book all of your own tickets in order to save some money

-Don't mind taking extra time to get somewhere

All in all, the choice is yours. My best reccomendation would be to compare prices with one way tickets to all your stops compared to an around the world ticket. Although it's jsut an estimate, you will be able to see which one will be the better deal.

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