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How to Keep Up with a Yoga Practice While Traveling

Keeping up with anything you hold dearly can often be a challenge while traveling. Sometimes, this is a good thing and it can help you release bad habits or negative relationships although there are somethings, like a yoga that I like to hold onto. Below are my top tips to keeping up with a yoga practice while on the road. (This can be interchanged with other practices like meditation, running, etc. that you enjoy).

1. Bring the right gear. You can bring a yoga mat although that does get bulky. Luckily, travel mats exists or you could use a towel or just the ground beneath your feet. Decide what works for you so that you don't have an excuse not to practice. Bring one pair of yoga pants and a shirt fit for it as well.

2. Bring your own zen. When traveling, especially on a budget, you will often find yourself in noisy hostels or in spaces that do not offer copious amounts of room or quiet. If you can find a quiet room or space, that's fantastic! Although, understand that that will probably not always be an option for you and that you can still practice despite it. Do yoga in the hostel common room, oftentimes, people will ask you about it and you'll make a few more friends! If you're at a tropical location, even better. Practice outside and at the beach.

3. Dedicate time. It's easier to make time for yoga when you're solo traveling because you are the sole decision maker. When traveling with a group it can be harder to make this time. Once I am used to the habits of the group and what the routine is usually like, I just set my alarm for about 30 minutes before everyone else. That way I can get up and sneak in a quick practice before everyone else wakes up. That way, I don't feel rushed and can have my practice in peace.

4. Early mornings are better than late nights. Morning time is typically a lot quieter than evenings. Also, starting your day off with your practice will most likely improve the quality of your entire day.

So that's about it! My top tips to staying committed to your practice while traveling. I hope this helped some of you all to feel more confident about keeping up with your practice while traveling.

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