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All Time Favorite All Natural Travel Beauty Products

When traveling, I like to look and feel my best. Over time, I have compiled my list of top products that help me look and feel good but are also lightweight, versatile and practical.

1. Dr. Bronner's Pure Castille Soap. Hands down, the best soap out there. Free from unwanted chemicals this super concentrated soap really gets the job done on multiple levels. Truly the king of versatile, Dr. Bronner's does it all. It's shampoo, body wash, shave cream, laundry detergent and even dish soap. I know, seriously, and it smells good. It's about 12 USD for a large bottle but trust me, this shit is worth it 100%. It will last a forever because you just need a tiny bit and it's so useful it hurts.

2. Coconut or avocado oil. These are my favorites but you can use any quality facial oil. I bring about one jar (plastic) with me and use it as makeup remover, body lotion, for hair masks and even to cook with. I love this stuff and I don't travel without it.

3. Pack Towel. I usually bring one large towel and one small one or my face. Pack Towel is my favorite brand because they are quick dry and take up very little space

4. Powder facial cleanser

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