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How to Stay Vegan While Traveling

Whether you're a brand new veg head or have been on the ride or die veggie team for ever, traveling can always bring up a bit of anxiety. Am I going to be able to eat? Will it be really expensive? Will it be way to hard and just not worth it? Will I be able to still experience local cuisine? These are questions all vegans have asked themselves before trips so I brought in long time vegan and new friend, Jillian Lepping to help me write this post. Below are her top tips and trip to staying vegan while traveling.

1. Plan before you go and do research. Once you know where you are going, do some research on the local culture. Big cities typically always have vegan options but you can make it work anywhere in the world. Know what to expect when going somewhere.

2. Markets are your friend. Typically anywhere in the world you go, you can find markets and grocery stores. Stock up on rice, beans, veggies, fruits and all of the essentials so that you always have food on hand. Figure out where the locals shop to get the best deals.

3. Use apps like Happy Cow and Is It Vegan? Although I typically don't go out to eat, it is fun occasionally. I like trying out local foods and not having to cook sometimes. Plan before you go and find restaurants that have vegan options on the menu so you feel comfortable and at ease. Most restaurants have at least one vegetarian options that can be tailored vegan.

4. Accept that veganism isn't everywhere. And that's ok and you will be fine. Yes, I would rather eat raw till 4 or totally raw but that just isn't going to happen everywhere. Sometimes I have had to eat bread and wine for dinner and toast in the morning and potato chips for lunch. It sucks, I don't like that and it doesn't make me feel good but I know that it won't always be like that. The goal is to make veganism seem fun, approachable, and low maintenance. Don't complain or be a dick about it.

Veganism and travel is a learning experience and the more you do it, the easier it will be. I promise!

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