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Sitting on all that granite, The Sun Voyager monument glistened brighter than I had ever seen it so
Have u ever thought about what kind of an impact u have on the #world_ Hundreds of ppl pass this #mu
It takes stepping out of your comfort zone to grow and as I stumbled upon this #work of #art that  #
People always ask me what my #travel plans are and I simply tell them _My plan is no plan_

Reykjavik, Iceland

Published By, KAYDEN PHAN

      I was here for three weeks in September and it was pretty cold! You defiantly don't wanna forget a warm jacket, gloves and maybe even a scarf! Water resistant shoes aren't a bad idea either since it rains a lot. Now that you're geared up to explore, you can save yourself some money and walk this city instead of drive. It's not too big that you can't see all the sights on foot. You can expect super friendly locals and art everywhere. Murals adorn the street walls and was so captivated, I found myself taking selfies next to so many. Unfortunately I was starting to get sick from scuba diving the previous day but if you're a night owl, you're in luck. My friends I had met

came back from a night on the town ranting and raving about how awesome this little city is at night! Just a tip if you're on a budget and planning to drink, be sure to get your alcohol early as stores aren't open late and you can save yourself a pretty penny by doing so.

May my life be this colorful and as peaceful

Hella, Iceland

Published By, KAYDEN PHAN

        I spent a couple days in this city and it was so peaceful. If beautiful scenic drives are your thing this is the perfect place to let your eyes wander. It was mostly flat lands of green and yellow grass for miles but off in the distance you could see the the tops of the gorgeous mountains. We didn't see to many people in the city of Hella. The houses were miles apart and there were horses everywhere! I was lucky to get some time to write and get a little yoga in. Theres nothing better then unwinding and seeing horses in the distance. Did you know that all horses in Iceland are pure breeds? At least that's what our Airbnb home owner told us. I also found out that the reason Iceland is so flat is because the Vikings cut down all the trees to build ships a long time ago. I always love hearing fun facts from locals. Now every Trip must come to an end so I'm off to head back to the city of Reykjavik.

U can say I wish or you can say I did #diditonmyown #solotraveler #blogger #goals #dreamscometrue #s
Funny how I get to places and start jumping in my photos then everyone after me starts jumping #tren
Stretch and reach for the sky
Don't be the person who wishes they could be a do-er, just DO-IT #scubadiving #clearwater #coldasfuc
Love how I'm pointing to Patrick making sure he's ready when he's already on top of it #iceland #scu
Life may be dark at times but there's always light at the end of it and how beautiful the light is!!
#scubadiving #clearwater #coldasfuck #silfra #iceland #blogger #yolo #solotraveler #passport #peace

Kevlavik, Iceland

The blue lagoon

Published By, KAYDEN PHAN

          I didn't spend much time in this city since I only made stops to The Blue lagoon and the airport, however I was satisfied for the brief time I spent there. I had seen amazing photos of the place and was excited to finally see it in person. The photos didn't lie! This place is just as relaxing as I imagined, plus you get a free silica mud mask. This place even has a bar in the middle of the water that you can swim up to! Make sure you pre purchase your blue lagoon tickets because they're usually sold out and you won't want to miss out. I recommend selecting an early entry time slot. If you book a late slot you won't have enough daylight to capture the beautiful blue water. Plus who wouldn't want to get their money's worth and have the entire day to relax. 

kayden SCUBAS Iceland

Published By, KAYDEN PHAN

       Iceland is the only place you can touch the two continents of Eurasia and North America at the same time. I had just gotten scuba certified and diving Silfra was at the top of my scuba bucket list. The low temperatures make it hard for algae to grow, and that's why we see such clear waters! We swim through the purest of blue waters and as we turned each corner, everything seemed to get more vibrant and turquoise in color. We had to wear dry suits because wet suits wouldn't have been enough to keep warm. I did Iceland on a budget but this was the only thing I came prepared to splurge on. I chose to scuba with DIVE.IS which is a PADI 5 star dive center. They picked me up, supplied all the gear and even had hot chocolate and cookies waiting for us as we took a break before our second dive. To be honest I was scared to scuba because I had a bad experience prior. I was hesitant but wanted to concur my fears. My guides turned out to be the key in my successful dive and without them I wouldn't have this amazing memory!

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