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When I think of Paris what comes to mind is the glamorous fashion, fancy food and romance. Paris has all that and more. I recommend seeing the typical attractions and landmarks from the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Pyramid, Notre-Dame de Paris and many more especially since you can see them all on foot however here are a few attractions that stood out to me that people might overlook. 


The Abandoned Railway- Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture (de Paris) (French for "little belt railway")

Mostly abandoned since 1934, but still surprisingly intact, it’s a surviving relic of a bygone era. The railroad was a circular route, hence (“the little belt”) which connected the main train stations of Paris within the old fortified city walls. It’s said that tunnels of the obsolete railroad are to have the easiest access points into the Paris catacombs! I only made it to La REcyclerie which is an up cycled revamped restaurant and bar with bohemian-chic vibe propped above an abandoned station. From abandoned station to garden with compote piles and chickens, you’ll be sure to get the freshest ingredients from this aquaponic greenhouse garden.



Monet’s Garden

If you’re a fan of art, and seeking a more relaxing day this is a visit is a must see. It’s located out of Paris in the the city of Giverny. The cheapest bus tour I found was $71USD. I chose to spend $24USD on a round trip train ticket instead. Admission into the garden was almost $12USD. If train is how you plan on seeing Monet’s garden, I suggest looking up train times and leaving early since it takes time to get there. Another great choice is staying the night in Giverny. It’s a great little city to recharge your batteries especially if you're seeking an intimate vibe. 


I thought Monet’s garden was incredible, too-often overlooked. No lines, not too many visitors and astounding art. You’ll find the famous water garden with the wisteria covered Japanese bridge. The pond is surrounded by lush vegetation, weeping willows, smaller bridges and canoes boats. Walking through his life’s work and feeling the love he had for his garden was surreal. If art is your thing I highly recommend making a day of it and coming here.


The Catacombs of Paris

It’s an underground ossuary which holds the remains of more than two million people. I was in awe and speechless as I walked through what seemed like an ancient and endless tunnel network filled with bones from floor to ceiling. You can rent an audiobook to hear the history as you walk through. 


Père Lachaise Cemetery

This is the largest cemetery in Pari, It’s actually one of Paris's most popular tourist attractions, mostly because it contains the graves of many famous musicians and authors including The Doors singer Jim Morrison, Fredric Chopin, Oscar Wild, Victor Noir, Edith Paif and the list goes on. This Cemetery was old and beautiful and I’d recommend seeing it



You can save yourself money on a hotel and stay at a hostel. It’s a misconception that hostels are gross and dirty. I’ve found, it’s actually quite the opposite. Try using the apps (HostelBookers or Hostwlworld). I stayed at a hostel a few nights, then split the cost of an Airbnb with some friends I met along the way.

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