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Cruise ships... For those of you who like the idea of waking up in a new destination without the hustle and bustle of traffic and hauling your luggage to a new city every couple of days, a cruise just might be your best option. I chose to cruise with Norwegian which at the time had a buy one get one and they offered a small on board credit! They also had a 24hour buffet!! 


January 01, 2020

If you want to travel to a place with clean beaches, kind people and good weather, you might want to consider Cabo! 


I love walking friendly cities and if you want to lose some pounds, London is the city to do it in! Everywhere I turned I felt like there was another major landmark. This is def a city that you can save money on transportation if you're on a budget.


Everyone always asks me "where's the coolest place you've ever traveled?" Iceland is has left me with the most incredible memories! It's the only place on earth you can touch the two continents at the same time! It's where the two tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America meet. This countries extensive geothermic activity will fascinate you! Make sure to take plenty of time off as there is much to see from this magnificent country!


Canadians aye?? It's home to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains I've ever seen! Not to mention Canadians are such nice people and a pleasure to be around. Ive taken a cruise and stopped at Victoria as well as a road trip to some of the National Parks and if nature is your thing, this is a country you wont want to miss out on!


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It was a no brainer that when it came time to decide where I would fly first as my international travel that Vietnam was my only choice. It's where both my parents are from and I wanted to know more of their background, how they lived and submerse myself in the culture. This country is amazing, affordable and breathtaking! 


January 01, 2020

When a friend invites you on a trip my first response is "yes". Then the "where to" question comes along and he tells me Colombia! My cautious side kicks in and I'm thinking I don't know if this is the best idea... He reassured me it was a safe country and after I did a little research myself I felt good about going. 


August 27, 2017

Famous for how affordable this country is, their beautiful beaches and spiritual temples, it's no wonder why so many people flock here every year. Thailand was such a special country for me. From beginning to end, every moment was so vibrant and I felt full of life!


I put off traveling to Paris for when I finally found someone but one day I thought to myself, "I may be waiting forever" haha.  So, I booked my flight and started my solo adventure.


August 15, 2017

I make it a priority to travel out of the country on or around my birthday. This past year My boyfriend Blaine took me to Belize for my 31st birthday! We traveled the entire country exploring the mayan ruins, scuba diving with sharks and trying all the street food! 

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