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Virgin Gorda Baths, British Virgin Islands
Famous little spot in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Kayden Phan Cruises The Bahamas


Published By, KAYDEN PHAN



We jet set from Vegas to Miami to board the Norwegian Cruise line on the ship (Getaway) that was bound for the Bahamas! 



Arrive early. Your luggage will be taken to your cabin for you so the moment you board you're free to explore all the things the ship has to offer. Cruises like to offer tours of the spa to get you to spend on the variety of services they offer but if you're savvy, you'll go just for the freebees. I've seen things raffled off such as a free massage, vouchers for a certain amount etc. but that's only at the beginning so remember to make that a priority if that's what you like. Also remember when the drawing will be held for the winner because your name can be drawn but if you're not there you will forfeit your prize. Another place I've gotten lucky at was the sushi bar. It wasn't part of the all you can eat free buffet but because we were the very first customers they waved our tab. This might not be how it is on every cruise but whatever you splurge on a good tip is just to be the first ones there. We also went to the first round of bingo and there were a few extra prizes there too. The first male and female who won was offered free bingo the entire cruise!

ST. THOMAS: It's a subtropical island with little boutique shops and souvenir booths were everywhere. You won't have a problem finding a gift and there are lots of excursions the cruises offer.

-ZIP LINE: We took a shuttle up a mountain and before you knew it we were overlooking St. Thomas. The guides were enthusiastic and helpful in getting us geared up to zip through the island trees. I had fun and I'd recommend it. 


BAHAMAS: is known for the crazy awesome Atlantis Hotel and casino. There's plenty of attractions and adventure from water slides, swimming with the dolphins, shopping, gambling at the casino or just laying out and catching some rays. We chose to splurge and swim with the dolphins. It was over all a fun experience but I do wish we could of spent more time with the dolphins. 

-Swim with the dolphins: This is the excursion we chose. It had always been on my bucket list so I was pretty excited. The water was perfect temperature but as to be expected it was a bit smelly. The dolphins were so smart, did all their trick on que. It makes me wonder if they are truly happy though...After all the live in a confined space. 


BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: The only thing I heard about this port from my mom was that she enjoyed the shopping and the Jewelry stores had good selections.

-The Virgin Gorda. You might want to bring good water shoes as there's some getting in and out of the water that you'll have to do. We maneuvered around rocks and at times it felt as if I was in a cave. The water was warm and a beautiful clear blue. If you packed your snorkel this would be a great time to explore and see some fish!  


TORTOLLA: At the time we docked at this port, it was just being built so honestly there wasn't anything to do here and we were pretty disappointed. This place was defiantly not equipped to handle the boat loads of tourists. I'm sure after this port's completion, the cruise lines will organize some excursions to explore the area but to have Tortolla on the itinerary at the time I felt was very unfair for the cruisers. 

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