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Hi, I'm Kayden! Welcome to my platform for expressing my passions, projects, and savvy travel tips.  I've been my own boss since I was 17, flipping houses and making a profit. I've worked hard to realize my dream life: one of independence and constant adventure. Now, I want to share what I've learned over the years from personal experience and from the guidance of wonderful people I've met along the way.


I'm always striving for personal growth, to live in love, and to spread happiness. It is my hope to lead by example and inspire others to create their own dream life. Check back here to learn life hacks and travel tips as I continue to document my exciting journey.


I was born and raised in Marin County, California and am of Vietnamese heritage. Growing up, I have always been exploring my passions and trying to figure out my purpose.

I grew up on welfare and food stamps amongst some of the richest in California, so I believed that financial abundance would equate to stability and happiness. Eventually, I became financially stable and had most of the material things I had been seeking my entire life. I had a house, career, nice car and all of the things I was told I needed in order to be successful. I enjoyed it for a while but I never felt the true vibrancy of what it meant to really be alive or the unshakable joy that true love brings. Then I met Greg, who became my soulmate in a very exciting time in my life. We traveled, we explored, we discovered, we learned, we did it all. He shared my excitement for adventure and believed I was capable of anything. With him, life seemed limitless.


Suddenly, all of that got put on hold when Greg passed away. It was a dark, heart-wrenching time and everything that had seemed important to me no longer did. For years I mourned, keeping to myself and blocking my heart off to new experiences and love. After much time passed, I began to understand that I was not honoring Greg's life the way he would want me to. Greg would want me to adventure, explore, live, explore, be free and love again. 

Four years after Greg's passing, I began to travel solo and find myself. I accepted that he was never coming back but also believe that love never dies and knew he would always be in my heart. During a short visit home between my travels, I met the man who is now helping me rediscover all the joys of life and love. Blaine, who is opposite me in many ways, has been such a beautiful complement in my life. Ever since our first date, we've been inseparable. The passion we share for travel has definitely made for memories of a lifetime! Starting March 2018, Blaine and I will embark on the next chapter of our story, spending a year traveling the world together.

'Til then, I will be on a cross-country road trip in my Tesla with my best friend and adventure junkie, Tiffany Fulton. My plan is no plan. I am going with the flow and exploring this world with an open heart. I am in love with the idea of a journey unknown and not knowing where I will go, who I will meet and what will inspire me. This website is all my passions visualized.

Published By, KAYDEN PHAN

In Loving Memory of

~ Greg Christian ~


Meet My Love and Inspiration

Blaine Deluca & Penni

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My loves and inspiration, this duo fills my life with so much laughter and joy. You'll see these two featured in my blogs as we travel the world together.

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